Hey there, Delilah Jane 

a.k.a. D.J.

D.J. is Lovewell Lodge and Weddings 1976Volkswagen bus.  She was left alone setting on a farm here in Giles County, Virginia in Newport for over 30 years. 

After a little love, a good cleaning and getting her running again, D.J. is now living out her glory days by providing a unique and groovy touch to your wedding day.

Combine D.J. with our amazing view and she is sure to spark excitement for everyone. She creates a memorable photo opt for you and your guests to enjoy.

To make the experience easy and fun, Lovewell will bring D.J. to the venue and stylishly "dress" her in her Sunday best. We will stage her with a groovy yet elegant boho theme making all your photos Instagram and Pinterest worthy.

Delilah Jane is a piece of history, and her nostalgic charm is sure to make your event one of a kind and one to remember.

Add Delilah Jane to any wedding package. Pricing: 2 hours for $300

* Please note this is not an additional 2 hours added to your package. This is an add on service, she is not at the venue all the time. The bus is not a digital photo booth but a photo prop. 

Package Includes:

Bringing D.J. to the venue, set up and design.

Set up and design includes- bohemian rugs, vases, lights, personalized sign and more.

We will provide a free-standing chalk board sign letting your guest know exactly what and who D.J. is and what she is there for.

As your guests arrive, they can stop by D.J. and snap a few pictures and then head over to our look out deck to get a better look at our amazing view. (Trust us this is what guest do!)

Your 2 hours will start when your ceremony starts.

After your ceremony you can head on over with your photographer and capture those memorable pics. When you are done your guests can jump back in on the fun.

 Delilah Jane for your Ceremony

Use Delilah Jane's magic for a unique backdrop for your Micro-wedding or elopement ceremony. Exchange your vows in front of her while making all your wanderlust dreams come true. This includes set up and design.